Extremely interesting wife exchange camping trip

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Iori and her husband have been married for a long time. Recently, her husband has become an alcoholic, and the two often argue. Today a young couple came to visit and witnessed the old couple's disagreement, Yuki – Centaro's wife immediately ordered the two families to go camping, and they assigned husband and wife to each other. The journey went smoothly. . It seemed that Iori's husband didn't need it but wanted to show that he didn't care about his wife, so he agreed so much that Iori got angry and agreed to follow her. So, decide on a camping trip. When they arrived, Iori wanted to irritate her husband, and Kentaro was really brave, so Iori laughed and joked with him all day. At night, Yori slept with the Centaurs because it was a husband and wife exchange. When she woke up in the morning, she saw him hugging her. She probably thought he was Yuki, so she did that. But when he woke up, Kentaro couldn't stand the soft feel of Jori's hands, the gentle scent, and the beautiful face. Iori and his wife went out to prepare breakfast but he continued to enjoy it. Centaro's giant cock was conquered, and during those two days, Yori allowed him to mate several times. As for the husband, when he had to leave his wife, he realized how stupid he was. Aori's husband loved her very much so he decided to change to bring Aori happiness. Ayori cooked a delicious breakfast to feel his feelings, and while he happily went to Ayori's tent to wake her up, he found his wife naked in Junior's lap …

Extremely interesting wife exchange camping trip
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 Actor: Iori Nanase